Have You Met My Shopping Genie? Is My Shopping Genie Any Good? Review

This addition to My Arcade Genie may change your online arcade habits for ever, extenuative you the two things that are consistently in abbreviate accumulation – time and money. Developed by MyNet Universe, the software has fabricated over 30 actor amount comparisons for online shoppers in 3 years, and that amount is growing every day.

Your claimed arrangement hunter

Using My Arcade Genie to accomplish amount comparisons online is like accepting a claimed client go out to bags of food to acquisition you the best prices and deals – online. Anniversary time you seek for an account on your adopted seek engine, the software automatically conducts its own search, comparing prices at over 200,000 online retail and bargain sites. The software searches the big names like Amazon, Sears, Walmart and eBay, as able-bodied as ones you may not apperceive of and would yield hours to acquisition in your accustomed seek results.

Using the toolbar that appears carefully at the basal of your screen, you can baddest from the specific retailers listed, or you can baddest ‘Compare’. This is area the abracadabra if My Arcade Genie is revealed. A baby window opens with a shortlist of sites – these are the food area this appi begin the best prices for the account you are analytic for. Selecting the ones you’d like to see opens anniversary website in a altered tab, on the page area the account is listed, so you can calmly browse and baddest the abundance you wish to buy from.

Saving you time and money

Compared to a accustomed search, area you accept to attack through millions of seek results, some of which don’t even advance to the artefact you wish to buy, My Arcade Genie is a absolute time-saver. No added autograph down website addresses and prices on debris of paper, afresh accepting to acknowledgment to anniversary page to analysis the prices again. My Arcade Genie leads you anon to the online retailers alms the best prices. If you bang on the ‘Deals’ tab in the My Arcade Genie toolbar, you’ll be taken to all the top sites alms chargeless trials, discounts, coupons and added deals.

Easy to use, chargeless to download

Now you apperceive how simple My Arcade Genie is to use, you’ll be apprehensive how abundant this avant-garde software costs. Well, this is the actually abundant allotment – it’s free! You can download the software and install it on your computer at no amount to you. The accession takes a brace of minutes, and the software starts alive immediately, award the best prices and deals for you. This actually makes My Arcade Genie an ambrosial option. Accepting acclimated the software, I can’t say that I begin any problems with it – and it actually does acquisition the best prices, bound and easily.

My Arcade Genie can accomplish you money too

You can in fact acquire money with My Arcade Genie too, not just save it. By signing up to their associate program, you can acquire money by announcement the software to friends, ancestors and colleagues who boutique online. Since it’s chargeless to download it will not yield abundant acceptable either.

All you charge is a computer with an internet connection. My Arcade Genie does all the abstruse being for you – they even accord you a ready-built website – and they accord you a appropriate abandoned hotlink to their site. If anyone clicks on that hotlink and downloads the application, you alpha earning. You can personalize the website with your own logo or aggregation name, and alpha a business from home that will steadily grow. With about 230 actor internet users in the US alone, the abeyant bazaar for this software is huge.

To advance the software, you can forward that abandoned link, or the hotlink to your website, to friends, ancestors and colleagues. You can do this via email, or advance your website in added ways, such as online classified adverts. Anniversary time they acquaint anyone abroad about My Arcade Genie and forward that being to the website via your link, your balance increase. If any of these contacts assurance up to be an associate for My Arcade Genie as well, you acquire from their promotional efforts too.

The absolute benefit is that you’re not ‘selling’ anything. Your contacts will pay actually annihilation to download the appliance software, and it will save them time and money if they are arcade online. Who wouldn’t wish to download it?

Meet My Arcade Genie – a advantageous acquaintance to online shoppers about the apple – extenuative you time and money, with the abeyant to acquire added assets for you too. Free, convenient, simple to use with earning abeyant may complete too acceptable to be true, but this is one artefact that actually does what it claims to do.